Talking Strategies

We had a request by one of our members to discuss strategies. Ideas are so far:

1.) Should AR activists blog? Is there an obligation to freely distribute your thought and theses.

One never has a guarantee for quality, even if content is marketed, which it shouldn’t be in pioneering anti-speciesismt social activism to our point of view.

There is a lot of vegan food blog acitivists out there, but only a few AR activists discuss their inmost thoughts and public political stances in the context of their anti-speciesist human-animal relationships.


2.) Pacifism as a tool for dialogue and how much dialogue is helpful and with whom? It does not necessarily make a lot a sense to try to convince extreme speciesists of AR, however, if you don’t just seek a public fight – which seems non-pacifist – you should try to learn strategies with which you can learn how to approach people who are already open minded to the subject (to some form of degree at least!).


3.) Should it be a prerequisite for AR activists to associate their position in AR with (a specification of) their positions in HR and ER? As long as AR is still set on a mode where Nonhumans are being put into the biological category more than anything else, do we have to understand where an AR activist oveall locates his/her ideas?


And finally we want to ask the others to please send in some of their thoughts about our new project:


“Eure Messelianer” – niceswine [at] gmail [dot] com


Veganism and Mental Health

Gruppe Messel, Messel und Limburg, Germany.

In context with preparing a web-based workshop about: “keeping ones mental hygiene”, we are looking for people who have used veganism as part of their treatment of a psychological and neurological instability.

On the basis of an informal communicative exchange we seek to compile personal experiences about:

  1. Food ethics and mental health benefits of a plant-based diet
  2. Aesthetic experiences with plant-based foods versus ‘speciesist ingestion patterns’
  3. Developing a non-antropocentric consciousness as a form of a holistic self-empowerment in particular in phases of psychological stress

Email: veganwerden [at] gmail [com];